Regina Speer

Graphic Design
for Purpose-driven

There is ample opportunity to create positive change for the planet. Earth keeps on giving beyond what‘s sustainable. I want to give back. 

I choose to use my experiences and skills to help today’s visionaries, change-makers, forward thinkers – every rebel who dares to fight the good fight. Is that you?

Introductory Offer

To celebrate the launch of this new adventure, I created three package deals with fantastic value for money. If you’re after branding, a website or some social media graphics, this is for you! Click through for details.

Regina, the designer

I’ve been a maker of things all my life. As I grew up, I realised the responsibility that comes with creation.

Where do the materials come from? Who made them? What were the work conditions like? What about the individual ingredients for that material? I’m thinking like that – all the time. It made me conscious in my decisions around making and consuming.

Those thoughts shaped me into a communication designer with a mission! As a designer, it’s my superpower to make information commonly understood. Designing effective products and messages that engage with your audience while looking and feeling great is what I’m passionate about. I’m excited to support the social enterprise and business for good sector with my skills and expertise. Let’s talk about your project or business and see how I can help you.


Client Profile

Happy Cow Milk Company

I grew up on a small organic farm in south Germany. Experiencing the differences between conventional and sustainable practices, their impact on land, water, animals and eventually the produce we consume first hand.

I further educated myself about food production, fertilisation, genetic modification and large-scale farming. Everything Glen proposes aligns with my understanding of what sustainable agriculture looks like.

I joined Glen to help him with Happy Cow 2.0’s visual communication in 2018. I’m excited to support the quest to democratise ethical and sustainable milk production.

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