Regina Speer

Graphic Design
for Purpose-driven

Regina is

a fellow citizen of the world.

a creator who likes to deconstruct.

a teacher who enjoys learning.

a thinker who is hands-on.

a German in New Zealand.

Purpose & Values

I’m in business to create a better tomorrow.

I stand alongside today’s visionaries, change-makers and forward thinkers – every rebel who dares to fight the good fight.

My weapons of choice – quality design, creativity and kindness.

A bit of backstory for ya!

I grew up in picturesque Bavaria, Germany on a small organic farm surrounded by forests and lakes at the foot of the Alps. You’d call it a lifestyle block in New Zealand, with never more than 30 cows, but it was our livelihood.

This upbringing taught me a lot about the importance of looking after our land and all living beings and about treasuring the simple things. My urge to create was there as long as I remember.

Making it my craft wasn’t a straight forward journey but one that taught me many things and one that eventually brought me to New Zealand.

I’ve been working in the Design Industry in one way or another since 2003. Over the years I worked in pre-press, design agencies, a lithography studio, in editorial design, designed for startups, owned startups, I freelanced and taught graphic, web- and UX design.

My process is inquisitive, with a curiosity for the clients’ needs, matching them with the expectations and wants of the target audience.

Regina at work
Credit: Jonny Knopp, Peanat Productions

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